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World Press Photo Exhibition


Thursday 5 July 2012 – Saturday 28 July 2012.

The World Press Photo exhibition comes to the Scottish Parliament once again, with work including the above image by Ilvy Njiokiktjien, who won first place in the Contemporary Issues singles category and first prize in the multimedia contest for work co-produced with journalist Elles van Gelder.

Details and opening times can be found here:

(Source: democraticcameraclub)

Don’t believe in people who say its all been done, they have time to talk because their race is run.

—Advice to Graduates - David Berman

It is by no means a light or quick or easy read and, like giving up smoking, it is something that most people find themselves having to attempt on more than one occasion. But needing to take more than one run at something is not in itself a barrier finally to achieving it, nor evidence that it was too hard for its own good in the first place. It might simply be a reflection of the complexity of what the artist was attempting to depict or understand, or the degree to which their work set itself against the prevailing cultural winds of the time. Difficulty in art can, sometimes, be a matter of wilful obfuscation or unnecessary complication, of striking a pose or creating a sense of mystique. But it is not always.

—Alex Clark The Observer, Sun 3 Jun 2012 00.03 BST Comment (via davidmcintyre)

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